Chocolate Alchemy Log – Roasting

I tried roasting another 4 oz in my air roaster today. It went just about as I expected. My target temperature was 260 F with a time as long as I could do it. It turned out that my roaster is just not set up to do a long low temperature roast. I was able […]

In the Beginning…there was homemade chocolate

This desire to make chocolate at home all started through a rather circuitous route. I roast my own coffee at home. I got into it because of a gift from my partner a couple of years ago (Yule 2001). It was a coffee roaster called a Fresh Roast, plus a sample pack of 8 different […]

Chocolate Alchemy Log – First Bag of Beans

After the long search, numerous dead ends and delays, I finally have a bag of Forastero cocoa beans from Ghana. I say a bag, but in actuality, it is two 65 lb jute sacks of chocolate alchemy waiting to happen. Without even roasting, they smell quite good. Not at all boring like green coffee beans. […]



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