Chocolate Alchemy Log – Roasting

I tried roasting another 4 oz in my air roaster today. It went just about as I expected. My target temperature was 260 F with a time as long as I could do it. It turned out that my roaster is just not set up to do a long low temperature roast. I was able to keep it at 260 F, but only for 6 minutes before it got too tedious turning the heat off and on. It did do what I needed it to do though. It substantiated that 260 is a good roast level for this Forastero bean. The beans had a very nice flavor, and no hint of the burnt flavor as before. The crux is that the interior was not as roasted as I would have liked as the roast time was just too short. This size batch is likewise going to have to go as it is just too small to be practical. I am going to try oven roasting in a few days or so. Probably a pound or two.

I’m on the path…

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