FAQ: Cocoa Beans and Chocolate Alchemy

I have been addressing a number of these questions lately, so I thought it might beneficial to start answer them here, and soon make them a permanent link. If you have more questions, please let me know and I will try to address them. Q: How do I purchase cocoa beans? I don’t see how […]

Happy Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Cherry Dessert

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I was requested to make a chocolate dessert. Having just roasted up four pounds of beans the night before (starting work on a husk vs no husk experiment), I decided to pull out my Champion Juicer and make a quick chocolate sauce for some cherries we picked and preserved this […]

Forastero – Is it really bad?

Rant mode on. Cocoa beans come in three primary varieties, Criollo, Trinatario, and Forastero. Presently the bulk workhorse chocolate that is grown and made into chocolate is Forastero. It is hearty and disease resistant. It is what is sold on the commodities market and what everyone has eaten and learned to love as chocolate. That […]

Chocolate Lovers

A while ago I rediscovered a great site for chocolate lovers. Assuming for one reason or another, that is why you are here, please check it out. Chocophile is a great place to gather information on virtually everything chocolate, especially high end, well made chocolates. There is really too much quality information there to even […]



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