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A while ago I rediscovered a great site for chocolate lovers. Assuming for one reason or another, that is why you are here, please check it out. Chocophile is a great place to gather information on virtually everything chocolate, especially high end, well made chocolates. There is really too much quality information there to even try and describe its width and depth. Do yourself a favor and spend a little time there. If you are going to be making your own, this gives you a great place to start gathering names and types of chocolate that you can taste and look to as benchmarks. It has good reviews and up to date information. Also, there is a nice forum there. One topic, surprise, is making chocolate at home. I don’t have a forum here yet (except in the comments section, which hardly anyone is using) so this is a great place to talk chocolate making with other enthusiasts or just find out what is good out there.

May your chocolate always be fresh and good.

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  1. Thank you very much for all the valuable Information about the Chocolate, Cacao beans and Chocolate making equipment in your site Alchemist John!
    The link to this Chocolate site and forum was a nice gift! Thanks! 🙂

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