Cocoa bean supply – update – Criollo Stock at last!

I received confirmation today that I am getting a shipment of replacement cocoa beans AND a new type at that. I should have limited supply of the Forastero (smoke damaged and non-smoke damaged) and a very nice fully fermented Venezuelan Carenero Criollo Cocoa bean available by the beginning of next week. I will update the […]

House Fire and Stock Update

Well, I have good news and bad news. My current stock is presently a complete loss. The beans have been smoke damaged, could have been contaminated from various fumes and I will not sell them in that condition. That is the bad news. The good news is I can get new beans relatively quickly. I […]

House Fire – Your Patience is Appreciated

As some of you know by now, we had a fire at our home this weekend. That means my life and Chocolate Alchemy is in a bit of chaos right now. That is where Chocolate Alchemy is/was located and we are in a hotel right now. The structure is still good, but the entire interior […]

Criollo Sample

I received in the most beautiful sample of Criollo. Is that just pretty or what? Very clean, very few broken beans and a very nice even fermentation and preparation. Does it sound like I am impressed? I am. In contrast to my present stock of Forastero, it is a much lighter colored bean, and a […]



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