Criollo Sample

I received in the most beautiful sample of Criollo.

Is that just pretty or what? Very clean, very few broken beans and a very nice even fermentation and preparation. Does it sound like I am impressed? I am. In contrast to my present stock of Forastero, it is a much lighter colored bean, and a little larger. I have yet to roast any up, but on a preliminary inspection it peels much easier in the raw state. I have already started the steps to see if I can acquire it. I hope so. It would be a very worthy bean. Once I get it roasted up I will see how it compares as chocolate.

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  1. I have a truly strange request, but it seems appropriate to pose this puzzler to a chocolate alchemist.

    I am an amateur home-winemaker, and can ferment just about anything from plums or grapes to cinnamon or mint. But one thing I haven’t been able to accomplish yet is to actually ferment chocolate.

    My research has led me to conclude that if anybody has actually fermented chocolate, they haven’t made public the method. I’ve seen attempts beginning from chocolate (doesn’t work, too many oils in chocolate), powdered chocolate, chocolate syrup, and chocolate flavoring. Those few attempts that were successful turned out bitter.

    I know that a few people (at least) are trying to ferment beginning with the cocao bean, but the results aren’t in.

    Do you have any insight on this problem? I’ve pretty much exhausted all my source of information, and I’m hoping you can help.

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