Cocoa bean supply – update – Criollo Stock at last!

I received confirmation today that I am getting a shipment of replacement cocoa beans AND a new type at that. I should have limited supply of the Forastero (smoke damaged and non-smoke damaged) and a very nice fully fermented Venezuelan Carenero Criollo Cocoa bean available by the beginning of next week. I will update the order page as soon as it is in and I am sure I am happy with it. The new Criollo will be priced a little higher ($1-2/lb I estimate) than the Forastero but I am told it is a very good bean with a nice fruity/winey flavor. I will of course let you know what I think and give roasting recommendations as I experiment with it.

In addition, I have a very promising lead on some Ocumare Criollo. I expect it to be quite different in flavor from the other Carenero but really cream of the crop. I should hear back about that in a few days. If all goes right, it should be available in 2-3 weeks.

Just as a reminder, please use jnanci at urcmail dot net for orders, questions or just correspondence. I will go ahead and accept orders now and will ship as soon as the beans arrive. The “proper” e-mail address should be back up in another week or so, as soon as the computer is back from the shop.

And finally, I expect the fully integrated shopping cart system to be in place with about a month. It got pushed back a little with the fire. That should make life easier on everyone.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding and happy chocolate making.

Alchemist John

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  1. GREEN LIFE JUICER. I just made my first batch of chocolate this weekend with Brazilian organic beans (probably a mixture of types, like everything in Brazil). This site was a tremendous help. One discovery – we don’t have a Champion machine so we used the Green Life juicer with great results. We had to de-shell the beans first, but afterwards the machine tears through the beans effortlessly and without heat. Now begins the more difficult work of refining the chocolate. Not sure where to start.

  2. Zachary, That is great to know another juicer will also work. I will have to check it out and maybe get one to test. As for refining, does your cocoa liquer still have grit, or does your juicer get it smooth. I have found that the added sugar is what is difficult to get smooth. I have a refiner/conche in the works. The prototype will be like a heavy duty icecream maker. SS instead of plastic, and heater instead of ice.

  3. The output is gritty still. I ran it through a bunch of times and still it remains sandy. I am looking forward to hearing more about the conching machine. We are looking around for comparable machines down here with no luck so far.

  4. Check out my latest post on sugar refining. Technically a conch just stirs. A conch/refiner will reduce particle size and promote chemical processes.

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