Cocoa Bean Roasting

Since the fire occurred, it has been a little difficult to get larger batches of beans roasted for chocolate making experiments. For nibbing I can just roast a few in my modified hot air popcorn popper which I use for roasting coffee at home. Since I am still without an oven I have broken out […]

Chocolate Refining

I had a number of thoughts today about various options in regards to getting the final chocolate smooth enough. The industrial method is to run the chocolate through a refiner that wears down the particle sizes, usually to around 20 microns. So far I have tried refining my own granulated sugar with both the Champion […]

Nib(v), -ed. -ing, The act of evaluating cocoa beans

I am going to start using this term from this point on. The nib of a cocoa bean is the interior of the bean, usually after it has been roasted, cracked, winnowed. It seems an appropriate term of evaluation, turning the noun into a verb. Henceforth, I will be nibbing cocoa samples and hopefully saying […]

Liqueuring ?

In the coffee industry, there is a term known as cupping. This amounts to taking your green unroasted coffee bean, roasting it, grinding it and mixing it with a measured amount of hot water in a evaluation, or tasting “cup”, hence the name. The “coffee” is then sipped and slurped to evaluate it. They often […]

Venezuelan “Carenero Superior” Cocoa Beans 2004 Crop

The new stock arrived safe and sound today and wow, what a bean. And I mean that on a number of fronts. First off, this is an ugly duckling bean. From the particular fermentation process that occurred in this batch, it has quite a bit of white residue on it. My supplier assured me it […]



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