Venezuelan “Carenero Superior” Cocoa Beans 2004 Crop

The new stock arrived safe and sound today and wow, what a bean. And I mean that on a number of fronts. First off, this is an ugly duckling bean. From the particular fermentation process that occurred in this batch, it has quite a bit of white residue on it. My supplier assured me it would not negatively impact the flavor and indeed, he is right. This is an amazingly flavored bean.

Unroasted, and peeled, it has a rich liquer and wine like flavor to it and absolutely nothing in the bitterness area. This is going to make some amazing chocolate but like I said, it will not win any beauty contests. But hey, this is about making chocolate, not looking pretty on a shelf or in a picture. In a way it reminds me of a good mohka coffee bean. Get past the appearance and you are in for a major flavor experience.

As it has just arrived, I have not had a chance to roast it, but I would suspect it will not take a very long or hot roast. Maybe 250 F final temperture in 10-15 minutes. That is just a guess though. I will experiment a bet this weekend and let you know where I think it’s sweet spot is going to be.

That is all for now. I want to get the cocoa bean page updated. Sorry, no pictures yet as I have not replaced the digital photo card reader yet from the fire. But you will note, I am back on line on the proper e-mail address and orders are shipping out tomorrow.

Happy chocolate making and thanks for the support everybody!

Alchemist John

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