Nib(v), -ed. -ing, The act of evaluating cocoa beans

I am going to start using this term from this point on. The nib of a cocoa bean is the interior of the bean, usually after it has been roasted, cracked, winnowed. It seems an appropriate term of evaluation, turning the noun into a verb. Henceforth, I will be nibbing cocoa samples and hopefully saying they nibbed well.

On that note, I received another bean in yesterday. A Venezuelan Ocumare Criollo. From a quick nibbing, it has a significantly different flavor profile as compared to the Carenero. Many more high notes. Lots of fruit. More subtle cocoa flavor. In essence, typical high grade Criollo.

I don’t have it listed on the Cocoa Page yet, but will happily quote a price if you ask. I am thinking it will be the same as the Carenero.

Photos, more nibbing notes and Ocumare links to follow.

Happy Nibbing

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