Cocoa Bean Roasting

Since the fire occurred, it has been a little difficult to get larger batches of beans roasted for chocolate making experiments. For nibbing I can just roast a few in my modified hot air popcorn popper which I use for roasting coffee at home. Since I am still without an oven I have broken out my grill, a small simply made perforated drum and a rotisserie motor. Looks like my rod is about 2″ to short to span the grill so before trying my first grill roasted cocoa, I will need to get a new rod and get everything mounted. After that, 2-3 pounds of cocoa should roast up pretty quickly.

As soon as I have a few pounds roasted up, the chocolate making will begin again. I can hardly wait to try the new sugars. And some long awaited cracking and winnowing experiments.

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