New Organic Fermented and Unfermented Cocoa Beans!

If you are looking for fully raw cocoa beans for their health benefits, I have what you want. I am very excited about this. First of, let me says, these cocoa beans are actually “transitionally organic”. What that means is the farms do not yet have their certification, but are in year 3 of the […]

More Cocoa Drum Roasting

This is what my non-too-glamorous setup looks like. The drum very comfortably roasts 3 lbs and could probably do as much as 4 lb or as little as one. Basically, you just get your grill to a different starting temperature (note the dial thermometer inserted in). Drum roaster on the grill all loaded with 3 […]

Drum Roasting Cocoa Beans

A relatively dedicated group of home coffee roasters use drum roasters fitted onto a gas or wood fired grill to roast anywhere from one to five pounds of coffee at a time. Being one of the air roasting variety of coffee roaster, I decided I needed to come up with a drum roaster for cocoa […]



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