More Cocoa Drum Roasting

This is what my non-too-glamorous setup looks like. The drum very comfortably roasts 3 lbs and could probably do as much as 4 lb or as little as one. Basically, you just get your grill to a different starting temperature (note the dial thermometer inserted in).

Drum roaster on the grill all loaded with 3 lb of Ocumare
Dumping the beans after a 13 minutes roast
All cool and waiting for the next batch
These are a little dark on the outside, but really fine inside

This was my third batch and actually, this roast got a little out of control. The collar holding the drum closed slipped (now it has a new collar) and some beans dropped in and caused a very smoky fire, hence the sooty appearance on the beans. Since I consider this just about the worst I could do, I figure I will go ahead and process these into chocolate and see just how it comes out. It is often said that cocoa beans have a narrow window of good roasting, but these tasted pretty good. Mostly, they are not pleasing to the eye.

I will let you know how it comes out.

BTW, keep an eye here if you have an interest in obtaining some free samples of the varieties I have in stock. I am setting up to do a “Free Sample Friday”, but still have to work out the logistics. More details in a few days…

3 Responses to “More Cocoa Drum Roasting”

  1. What about a photo of the unroasted beans you started with. It’s hard to tell how they’ve changed with no “before” picture.

  2. how do you make it into chocolate.

  3. Well, that is “the” question isn’t it. In general, you need to roast the beans, grind them into liquer, add sugar (and anything else you decide on) and refine and conch it. Sound simple? Not to bad really. Just go through each of the links to the right and there is step by step information. If something is not clear, just ask here or email me directly.

    Oh, uniknitter, check out the photos on the next entry. Photos of all the beans. Just could not find a good “before” shot for this set.

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