New Certified Organic Madagascar Cocoa Beans

I am really excited by the new cocoa bean stock. It is a certified Organic Trinitario from Madagascar, which is a mixture of Criollo and Forastero. I know a lot of people are looking for just the cream of the crop Criollo, but the more I get into this business, and taste what is out […]

Artisan Brownies

When Heather visited a few weeks ago, we made a pound of cocoa liqueur from some Barinas cocoa beans that I had roasted up a couple of days earlier. As I did not have my CrankandStein mill yet, we just ran the whole cocoa bean through the Champion, letting it separate the husk. The resulting […]

Artisan Chocolate

I had a wonderful visit last weekend from a delightful woman named Heather (I hope it is alright to use your name Heather, no last name though) who was down in California learning to bake bread professionally. On her way back up north, she asked if she could stop by and see Chocolate Alchemy’s “operation” […]



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