Chocolate Progress

I finished to first two tests in my prototype conch and it is very promising. Let me say first off that the conch is nothing more than an inexpensive ice cream maker. I put a heating pad cushioned by a pad where ice would go, and set the whole thing at a 45 degree angle. […]

Certified Organic Madagascar Have Arrived

The second shipment of Madagascar cocoa has arrived and we are very pleased with it. All the same deep red fruit notes, same interesting red color. The Product and Review pages are all updated, and the price is a little less than originally anticipated. Please check it out. This is a very interesting and dynamic […]

Alchemical Formulation (Recipes) Complete

Well, I finally finished putting a number of recipes together. They vary in skill level upon your path of Chocolate Alchemy. The first set uses primarily cocoa nibs. The next set uses cocoa liqueur that you make yourself. The final section has a variety of actual chocolate recipes, including some new thoughts and ideas about […]



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