Madagascar Gone

OK, that was rather quick. The Certified Organic Madagascar is gone, and that was the last of the crop. Everyone is harvesting right now, so new shipments are not in for a little while. The next we will see will be some new Ghana Forastero, and if everything goes right (I am not getting my […]

New Products

As promised, the Products page is all updated. We have added a Sampler pack and the Novice kit. The Apprentice kit and Alchemist Kit will be available in about a week or so. Since the Novice and Apprentice kit both contain roasted beans, please allow a week or so processing time for getting it prepared. […]

Roasting Cocoa Beans

I have been experimenting with various roasting techniques and temperature profiles and I wanted to share some of the results with you. Some time ago you may remember I received a visit from fellow alchemist Frederick Shilling of Dagoba Chocolate. I had just finished making into liqueur a 3 lb batch of cocoa beans that […]

Products – New and Old

Just a few updates. We are getting very low on the Ghanan Forastero and the new Certified Organic Madagascar. If you want to try either, I would recommend doing it soon. I expect we will be out by the Holidays. We are now offering a Sampler pack. It will consist of one quarter pound of […]



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