Some Interesting Links and a Thought for the Day

As is the case in most subjects I know something about, I suddenly come across information that shows me just how little I actually know. In the last couple of weeks, as I work on the conch/refiner, I have been researching conching, and specifically the temperatures at which chocolate is conched. My understanding was 120-130 […]

Chocolate Making Kits and Laboratory Update

The new Apprentice and Alchemist Kits are now available. Please allow some extra processing and delivery time. I roast and prepare them as ordered, and only roast once a week. That way the beans are fresh. Something kind of interesting has come up. I am getting requests for cocoa bean husks. Well, I have a […]

Past, Present, and Future

Welcome back to the beginning of an exciting new year. I am hoping this year will bring a lot of progress to the Art and Science of Homemade Chocolate – Chocolate Alchemy. Last year I learned quite a bit about chocolate making and made all of my year end goals. I am really pleased about […]



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