Out of Stock – TEMPORARILY

This is the kind of announcement that I just loathe making, but here is it. We are temporarily out off ALL cocoa beans. We have both the main crop Ghana Forastero and Organic Ocumare on order. They should well have been here by now (they were ordered before we ever ran out last month) but […]

Why Do Cocoa Beans Cost So Much?

That wasn’t the exact question, but close enough for a title. The exact question was “why is raw cocoa so much more expensive than fully processed chocolate product? ” Well, at first I started coming up with “rationales” why they are the price they are; small lots, small business, big business, buying power, etc. Then […]

Ball Mill Refiner #2

I purchased two rock tumblers a couple of months ago. Within a day the larger one had stopped working so I was left to experiment with the smaller one. Well, it did the job somewhat, but not fully. It was just too small and didn’t have enough rotational speed nor large enough diameter to generate […]

Cocoa Bean Supply Update

It looks like January was a good month. We are presently out of both the Ghana Forastero and the Ocumare Criollo. Both are on order and will be here in a week or two. The new Ghana crop is the primary harvest this time, so the beans should be larger than the midcrop that we […]



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