New Email List and Newsletter

In between everything else, we finally have a E-mail list and Newsletter set up. You can check it out on the Subscription Page. Basically, the E-mail list is where we can actually hold some conversations that are not in these comments. The Newsletter is a one-way email from me (Alchemist John) about new products, beans […]

New Cocoa Beans and Reviews

The full tasting review is up for the new Organic Ocumare. It is an interesting Cocoa bean! Lots of bright fruit flavors – virtually a perfect example of what a Criollo can be. In addition, the new crop of Ghana Forastero arrived right on time, and that Review is also up. It is a big […]

Organic Ocumare has Arrived!

The Certified Organic Venezuelan Ocumare has arrived. For those not familiar with it, it is a good Criollo example, and a rather fruity and lively cocoa bean. The pricing is in place now. Since we were able to purchase in a larger quantity this time, we are able to pass the price savings along. You […]

Chocolate Truffles for Cancer

I have been working with a sweet person who is doing a great thing – making chocolate to raise money for cancer. I will just let her tell you about it. “As many of you know, I am training to run the Boston Marathon this year as a charity runner for the Dana Farber Cancer […]



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