Organic Ocumare has Arrived!

The Certified Organic Venezuelan Ocumare has arrived. For those not familiar with it, it is a good Criollo example, and a rather fruity and lively cocoa bean. The pricing is in place now. Since we were able to purchase in a larger quantity this time, we are able to pass the price savings along. You will notice the price has dropped nearly $3.00 a pound. The detailed review will not be up until next week. I need to roast it up this weekend and give it a full taste and review then.

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  1. you’re killing me here – where’ s the review? 😎

  2. I’m very interesting in getting these and starting to make my own chocolate. Two questions: first, how long do the raw, unroasted beans stay usable, and how should they be stored to maximize that? Second, in the tests you ran on mills, did you, by any chance, test a Vitamix? I don’t have a Champion Juicer, but I do have a Vitamix…

    Many thanks, Josh

  3. Thank you, John, I’ll see what I can do about getting a good price on a Champion on eBay.

    One other thought occurs to me. There exists an appliance called a soy milk maker. These devices can make “milk” from soybeans, almonds, and pretty much any bean or nut. Starting with soaked beans, the device holds the beans (or nuts) in a filter cup in a quantity of water. The water is brought to 160 degrees, and the beans in the filter cup are then pulverized by a device that looks essentially like an immersion blender. The heating and grinding process occurs several times, and the milk is done. I’m wondering if this has been tried with cacao beans; if not, I believe I’ll give it a try (with both roasted and unroasted beans). –Josh

  4. Wouldn’t recommend consuming unroasted beans – there are significant micro loads on unroasted beans. Do so at your own risk 😎

  5. Scott,

    I could not agree more about the unroasted beans. There is presently this large raw food movement that are consuming raw cocoa beans. I always recommend peeling them at the least, and really do not advocate eating them raw. There are a few sources out there that claim it is safe, or “they” have a special treatment that makes it safe, but seriously, it scares the *(&* of me.

    Aside from the micro load, trying to use unroasted beans is going to be problimatic due to the moisture content of the beans. Just that much extra water can cause the chocolate to clump and seize when ground – experience talking here 🙂 It does not always happen, but well over 50% of the time.

    Aside from that, the soy milk maker sounds like a nice idea. There is also a “wet grinder” used in indian kitchens that is on my list of things to try.

  6. I’ll restrict my experiment to roasted beans, then. I’ve been bidding on used Champions for a couple of days now. Thanks!

  7. i would like to know before buying cocoa beans does grinding the nibs just turn it into the liquer or does it need heat???????

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