Santha Wet Grinder Modification

As purchased, the Santha Wet Grinder can not be run more than an hour at a time. For refining chocolate, this is a hassle. I have been doing some tests to determine why it over heated and what I could do about it. It turns out that the motor was simply not getting enough air […]

New Products

We are now offering Champion Juicer and the Santha Wet Grinder. The Champion takes your roasted cocoa beans and liquifies them into cocoa liqueur. Then the Santha works as a refiner and conch, reducing the cocoa and sugar particle size in your chocolate and smooths out the flavor profile. We have also added fine Whole […]

Caranero Superior – 2005

The Carenero Superior shipment has arrived and is now available. The Review is up. This crop is a little brighter and cleaner than last year’s crop (and less expensive again). The Sampler pack is also available again, now that we have three origins in stock. And a quick update: I successfully modified my Santha Wet […]



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