Caranero Superior – 2005

The Carenero Superior shipment has arrived and is now available. The Review is up. This crop is a little brighter and cleaner than last year’s crop (and less expensive again). The Sampler pack is also available again, now that we have three origins in stock.

And a quick update: I successfully modified my Santha Wet grinder for continuous use. It ran all weekend, 12 hours a day. It will of course void the warranty, but that is the price you pay for innovation. I will tell you how very soon. It was very simple and virtually anyone can safely do it.

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  1. Good to Hear! I’ve been to a number of commercial food equipment stores here in Calgary looking for a wet grinder, and none had even HEARD of such a thing! For me, this is the only piece missing, so if you have the solution, I’m interested in hearing how, and am ready to start spending money!

  2. I have most of the “How to Hack your Santha” page almost done. Should be up Monday, with a link through the Refining page. It basically involves removing the motor case, adding air flow holes, and putting it back together. Pretty simple and effective. I don’t know why Santha hasn’t done it. On that note, I am talking to them about making it a design change, and they are willing to talk.

  3. They’re probably reluctant to add vent holes as it would reduce the water resistance of the grinder (at least the ones I made with my dremmel tool certainly did). Something designed to be used in a kitchen usually has to tollerate a little splash of water now and then, my Santha might not any more 🙁

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