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We are now offering Champion Juicer and the Santha Wet Grinder. The Champion takes your roasted cocoa beans and liquifies them into cocoa liqueur. Then the Santha works as a refiner and conch, reducing the cocoa and sugar particle size in your chocolate and smooths out the flavor profile.

We have also added fine Whole vanilla beans. The are from Madagascar and are of the Bourbon variety. They add a nice depth of flavor to your chocolate creations.

Finally, we have decided on some molds and should have those in within a month or so.

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  1. You are doing a geat job on your site! keep up the great work. Its nice to read the process written like a diary, it seems like we are having a conversation! this really makes the whole chocolate making process MUCH easier to understand. Thanks for the great site, My family and I will be attempting our first tries in a few months! Have a great day! ~~~Kim

  2. Thank you Kim. That means a lot. I really want to demistify the whole chocolate making process. I hope if you read about it enough, it becomes common place, and easier the first time. I know that now that I am going from bean to bar on a regular basis, I can have finished chocolate in 48 hours, with very little mess.

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