Santha Wet Grinder Modification

As purchased, the Santha Wet Grinder can not be run more than an hour at a time. For refining chocolate, this is a hassle. I have been doing some tests to determine why it over heated and what I could do about it. It turns out that the motor was simply not getting enough air flow.

I cut a hole in the top of motor housing, and added some extra vent holes at the bottom, and now it does not over heat. So far I have run it 24 hours straight, 3 days in a row, with no problems.

Mine now looks like this.

You can see how I did the full modification Here

I think it is easy enough that anyone can do it with basic tools, but I am thinking about offering the Santha-Hack service if there is interest. Is there?

Happy chocolate refining.

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  1. How did it work out? How was the final product?

  2. Really good. Great texture and mouth feel. As this is primarily a refiner, it did not over conch. Lots of bright flavors. Basically, it allows you to take it to whatever refinement stage you desire. Some people are reporting smoothness at 4-5 hours. For me, it is taking 13-16. It could be that I am just over critical of the sugar grit.

  3. Myself, I wouldn’t be offering to modify an appliance for others, but put a “Do so at your own risk” notice instead. Modifying appliances could void the waranty and maybe make it more hazzardous.

    You might want to also consider adding some sort of screen as an air filter to the wholes where the motor is.

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