Cocoa Bean Roasting

Now that I can actually take cocoa beans all the way to chocolate (with the discovery of the Santha Wet Grinder), I have started revisiting each stage and step in the chocolate making process. Sort of re-evaluating what I have learned, believed and talked about. In doing that I have started to examine how I […]

Chocolate Making is not Cheap

That is the present sad truth. I bring this up because of the following question I received. It is a good question. “I’m interested in making chocolate at home, and am also wondering how inexpensively can I do it? its tough to invest $600+ into a hobby that I have no idea if I will […]

The Right Tool for the Right Job

First off, we will be closed for a few days, until Monday, August 8 th. In the mean time, I wanted to talk a little about some things that have been on my mind as I follow this chocolate making path. What comes most to mind is the importance of using the right tool for […]



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