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Wow, I realize in the world we live in, 100,000 is not a particularly large number, but I personally think it is rather neat to have had Chocolate Alchemy visited that many times in under two years. Thank you everyone. I appreciate the support.

And so this is not completely devoid of chocolate content, we are expecting new modified Santhas in within the month. A number of you have asked and I will put a note up here as soon as I know more.

I would like a little assistance, and only you who visit can help me. We are soon to implement a shopping cart with integrated shipping and billing (please hold the applause until it is in). At the same time I want to clean and tidy up the site and maybe give it a slight facelift. Noting the cart above, are there things you as customers and visitors would like to see either added or go away? You can either leave a note here or email me directly.

And here is to making 1,000,000 together!

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  1. I found this site very interesting and informative. It was certain of assistance to myself and my students. Thank you

  2. Hello,

    I liked this site also. Chocolate making seems very complicated and you must be a very patient person. Is there any way you could sell the chocolate liquer so people could just work from there?

  3. Hi! i teach kindergarten and we are studying chocolate! We have done everything from melting/molding chocolate to estimating an entire bag of chocolate kisses. We are currently reading “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and will soon begin the biography of Milton Hershey. It goes withousout saying that we are having a fabulous (and delcious) time! Do you have any suggestions for me to make this unit even more interesting for my students? Thanks. Rebecca

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