Santha Wet Grinder Available

Actually, it is not quite available but you can order one. The shipment is still clearing customs, but we expect the new vent modified Santhas to be shipping next week. Sorry, no 99 hour timers made it in this shipment. A number of you have been asking if they will be available by Christmas. It is going to be close. In an effort for some of them to make it by Christmas, I am going to go ahead and accept orders for them. That way, the paperwork, payment etc is all taken care of and we can get them right out to you. Also, there are a select number available in a sharp new maroon color. Again, let me know if you want one of these.

Also, the deadline for UPS and USPS to guarantee delivery has come and gone (it was 12-12-5). If you want something by Christmas, and absolutely, positively have to have it, you may wish to consider 3 day select from UPS (tell in a note when you order) to make sure it gets there. I will make every effort to get the orders out quickly. I would not recommend that shipping method for the Santhas – they are 50# and the cost would be high.

Here’s wishing you a happy holidays, good food, good friends and great chocolate.

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  1. Is there anything I can buy from you to go from tempering to molding without the grinding/conching process? If not, what do you recommend?

  2. Xoom, I really don’t understand your question. The tempering and molding phase is after the grinding, refining and conching phase. Are you looking for a tempering machine?

  3. The first use of cocoa was that drink I read about in history class, chocolatl I think. Aztecs or Incas used it for religious purposes and two cups of it were energizing and sustaining enough for a whole day’s military action. It was bitter, hot, and crude but I always wondered what it tasted like. Does anyone know how it was made?

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