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There are delays in shipping, responding, and all that jazz at Chocolate Alchemy for the moment, because the Alchemist has had the flu, or bronchitis, or some other misc. upper respiratory illness so far labeled only “Not Pneumonia” for the past two weeks. Yes he’s seen the doctor. Even had two chest x-ray’s now. He’s on antibiotics. He’s just still sick and not able to get much done.

We’ll get back to any and all orders ASAP, and things are still being processed and shipped, just v e r y slowly right now.

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  1. get well soon dude!!

  2. Thanks – I think/hope/pray/beg that I am on the mend.

    All pending orders are now out – thank you EVERYONE for the patience.

    If I made a mistake, let me know. You might have heard – I am not running on all cylinders.

  3. Hello John,

    Good work on using wet grinders for chocolate grinding. We sell commercial size chocolate grinders (made by Santha as well as others) suitable for grinding cocoa beans. Call me at 770-594-1815 and I can describe how our product is better than other grinders.

    Andal Balu

  4. This will be my first time making my own chocolate, I need all the help I can get.I know nothing about it, just need a new career that will make me happy and hopefully all my friends and family. Thank you.

  5. I live in the UK I see you can ship worldwide my question is will cocoa butter survive the trip? I assume cocoa beans will because they are packed dry & lecithin I can get locally so there is no need to pay extra postage for that but I would like to know about the cocoa butter before I place an order. Also would a wheat mill work for grinding? I have a kenwood chef with a wheat mill attachment [attachment number A931 if you want to look it up] it is designed for grinding flour & has rollers very similar to your Crankandstein Cocoa Mill.

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