IACP Culinary Showcase Booth #707

I am going to have a booth the International Association of Culinary Professionals showcase this Friday in Seattle Washington. I spent the weekend tempering and molding up nearly 20 lbs of various chocolates to give away. Please stop by if you are in the area (there is probably a day fee). In addition, that means […]

Make your own allergy free chocolate

I probably receive a request a week from people wanting to make milk free “milk” chocolate. After a bit of experimenting, some suggestions from various customers and numerous taste tests, I am really pleased to submit the following two recipes for those with milk allergies and/or sensitivities. My daughter can not consume anything with cow’s […]

Slight Delay to Orders

The Alchemist is having a slight delay in processing orders, due to a bummer lamb in his house. This adds extra steps to every movement, but is fun. Orders are sometimes delayed about 24 hours due to finding the time to process them and pack them each day. Alchemist John with Sid Vicious helping Photo […]

Tempering – Deconstruction and Reconstruction

If you don’t happen to know, the AlChemist here is also an actual Chemist. For a while now, tempering has been bothering me. Or more to the point, the lack of clear scientific information. Sure, there is a bit out there about the different forms of cocoa butter, and how you are forming a particular […]

2006 Ocumare and Santha

Well, it was a short break. The new crop of Ocumare is in. It is extremely similar to the 2005 crop, to the point that I probably will not get to the review for a little while (technically it is a “late” 2005, and what we had before was early). And just a little other […]



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