Slight Delay to Orders

The Alchemist is having a slight delay in processing orders, due to a bummer lamb in his house. This adds extra steps to every movement, but is fun. Orders are sometimes delayed about 24 hours due to finding the time to process them and pack them each day.

Alchemist John with Sid Vicious helping

Photo and posting by Tyro, spouse, helper, lamb sitter

3 Responses to “Slight Delay to Orders”

  1. Penny called to tell me about this picture! Very cute. I heard about all the batts of llama, and the not so great spinning quality. Ah well…

  2. Lambs? I thought you all had goats! charming little creature, Sid vicious is a great name.

  3. Nice Lamb. Does he like chocolate? If so, maybe he should be called Sid Viscous. Okay, sorry, really bad joke. 🙁

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