Santha Wet Grinder – Alchemist Stone Chocolate Melanger

We are currently out of stock of the Santha Wet Grinder. Even though it is marked “out of stock”, if you want one when they come in, you are welcome to place the order (and please tell me if you want to pay now or later) and you will get it fresh off the boat.

Also, there are a couple of nice things with the next batch. Rumor has it that Santha will now be calling these Alchemist Stone Chocolate Melangers. I feel honored. Mostly it will be the same unit, except for two changes for the better. There will be a integrated 99 hour timer available and due to a little prompting from yours truly, they have improved their wiring. If you ever saw inside some of the originally, they were a little less than professional. Frankly, I was just glad to have a machine that would let us make chocolate, but I am very happy they are taking constructive suggestions and implementing them.

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  1. I can’t seem to understand what this stage does. I’m very interested in making chocolate at home, yet this stage sounds impossible to do by hand. Is there a way to do this by hand?

  2. I try never to say never, so I will say that I know of no way to refine (what is happening here) chocolate to current smooth chocolate standards by hand. And to clarify, what the refiner does is reduce the cocoa and sugar particle to in the chocolate to micron sized “bits” that is smooth in the mouth.

  3. How much are the santha wet grinders

  4. Bob,
    They are $429, delivery included in the 48 lower US states.

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