Crankandstein vs Champion

One of the stages in chocolate making is peeling or separating the husk from the cocoa bean. This can either be done before or after roasting and is usually dependant on what kind of roasting equipment you have and whether you want to roast whole beans or nibs. For doing it at home, I did […]

The “New” Stone Melangers are in

In no small part to Chocolate Alchemy, Santha is now calling their motor ventilated wet grinders Chocolate Stone Melangers. So, I will probably start referring to them that way. So if you see mention to the Santha Melanger, or Stone Melanger, it is the Santha Wet Grinder made and adjusted for us chocolate makers. To […]


You may have noticed I have been a little absent here lately. Actually, a lot has been happening behind the scenes. From the notes below, you can see we had our site and email go down for a while. One of the unfortunate consequences is the email Newsletter member’s list has been partially lost. I […]



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