“Simplicity is Complexity Resolved” part 3

Well, I am taking the “Simplicity is Complexity Resolved” in a direction I did not intend to, but it makes a great springboard for my newest announcement. I would hereby like to present our NEW SHOPPING AND ORDERING PAGE It was terribly complex to change over, taking more hours than I care to think about, […]

“Simplicity is Complexity Resolved” part 2

OK, I actually don’t have anything to say about Simplicity, but the new dvd’s and Digital Thermometer (perfect for tempering) are in Products . Briefly, it measures in both Celsius or Fahrenheit. The temperature range on this thing is amazing: -58 f to +1382 f ! It comes ready to go with a K-type thermocouple […]

“Simplicity is Complexity Resolved”

I saw the quote the other day, and it struck a chord. I want you to think about that, and of course in particular in regards to making chocolate. I will be writing about that in a few days. Let’s see if you come to the same conclusions I do. In the mean time, the […]



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