Credit Cards now accepted!

What you say, I didn’t accept them before? No we didn’t. Don’t all business’s accept credit cards? Most “normal” ones do, but are we normal? Believe it or not, no, we didn’t. But we have jumped through the appropriate hoops, filled out the appropriate forms and listened to your requests to accept credit cards some […]

New Flat Rate Shipping Worldwide

The US postal service has changed (and simplified they say) the international shipping rates.  Surface rates have not been eliminated, but in their place, they have added a Flat Rate box option.  In general, we can fit 8 lbs of cocoa beans into a Flat rate box, but a few other items.  We have eliminated […]

Article in Capital Press

I was interviewed a couple months back.  The Capital Press picked up the article.  Nothing you don’t know if  you are a visitor here, but there is a photo (partial at least) of yours truly.

Just in time for Mother’s day

Ok, not exactly the perfect Mother’s Day mold.  They were meant to be, but the mold company forgot a zero (hey, what’s a zero anyway – it’s nothing), so we have a limited supply (5 actually) of these.  Not normally what I would offer, cut upon seeing them, they do have a nice bit of […]



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