Updates, the good, the bad and the ugly

I have a little good news, although it may almost feel like a bait and switch to those of you who heeded my warning and purchased a Melanger.  There has been a slight reprieve in regards to  the  availability of the Melangers.  Santha has found someone to continue to ship them until they run out.  On that note, there are around 15 left, and more won’t be in until December.  I don’t see a reprieve on that.

Also, it has come to my attention that some photos and images did not make it to the new server.  So, I am aware that some of the images in the Grinding  section are not there, nor some of the headers in the Forum, but rest assured they will be back.

Finally, the new crop of Ghana 07 is in.  And the new Tabasco will arrive this week.  Reviews and a small newsletter will go out when those are available.

4 Responses to “Updates, the good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. When will the new Melager’s be in? 10.10.07

  2. December or so.

  3. is coco liquor easily available in market? can i go for direct grinding an conching of available coco liquor+ coco butter+ soy lecithin+ condensed milk powder at home and mak my ouw chocolate slabs.

  4. cocoa liqueur is also know as unsweetened chocolate, so yes, you can find it. So, yes, you could do as you propose.

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