Happy Halloween

That’s all. Believe it or not, the Alchemist does more than just chocolate. The family did pumpkin carving last night. Here’s my contribution.                   Oh, and if you have never seen the Alchemist, well, I can’t exactly say this is a representative  image.                    Also, we finally have our Server set back up.  Corrections to […]

Behmor 1600 Gourmet Coffee AND COCOA Roaster

We have finally received word that the first production run Behmor 1600 has been completed and the first container is on the way. As a Distributor, we have been given permission to begin accepting pre-orders. If you wish to place the order, please do so only for only the Behmor or only for items you […]

New Cocoa available

The new Mexican Cocoa from Tabasco is in. It has a really wonder Umami character and exemplifies savory. New in is also a very mellow one from Ghana. That’s about it for now. The new Behmor 1600 gourmet coffee and Cocoa roaster is due in about a month. I am working on the review, but […]



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