Behmor 1600 Gourmet Coffee AND COCOA Roaster

We have finally received word that the first production run Behmor 1600 has been completed and the first container is on the way. As a Distributor, we have been given permission to begin accepting pre-orders. If you wish to place the order, please do so only for only the Behmor or only for items you want to ship with the Behmor. The reason is that we will NOT charge your credit card until they arrive sometime in November, and double charging leaves too many places for error, and none of us want that. So anything you order with the Behmor will be placed on hold until they arrive.

And now, a little background….
The Behmor is the brain and love child of Joe Behm. Some 8 years ago he had some fresh roasted coffee, was blown away and found that few good roasters were on the market. What do to? Build your own. So he did and what we have here is the result. A 1 lb coffee drum roaster. Now, coincidentally, I had been working on nearly the same thing, just many years later, i.e. I was attempting to put together a rotisserie convection oven that would roast cocoa. I was just coming to the conclusion that there was not a convection oven on the market that would do the job when I had the opportunity to test out a pre-production model of the Behmor 1600, with Joe Behm there.

Much to his horror (at the time), I loaded the drum nearly to capacity with cocoa beans, let it to the first of five settings (more on this below) and hit start. 20 minutes (and a crowd of people smell chocolate) later there were a few snaps and pops indicating the cocoa was done. I stopped the roast, pulled the beans and was very pleased with the results. Soon after I left with a Behmor 1600 to start testing extensively.

First off, as this is Chocolate Alchemy, I will be focusing on how the Behmor behaves for cocoa roasting, not coffee. For a ton on information on coffee roasting, and some different perspectives on how to use the Behmor, I would suggest this Wiki page.
So, without further ado, go to Cocoa Roasting in the Behmor 1600.

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  1. The Behmor roaster arrived yesterday. WOW! Terrific from the moment I opened the box: well packaged. Read the literature – load and lock and off it went on it’s break in trip. Perfect.

    More feedback when I get the mill and the grinder. The grinder is scheduled for delivery today. I hope the mill will follow soon so I can make some dark chocolate!

  2. This is the name I want used in public. Yikes… My real name is on my coment about balikbayan boxes.

  3. Hello John,
    Today I was talking to Joe Behmor on the phone and at that time you called! During our conversation I told him about a hard-to recognize coffee variety (ies) we have on our tiny island (St Vincent and the Grenadines). After you called he said that you could probably identify what variety it is. Don’t worry, it is 99% probably an Arabica, only it may have gone through some transformations since it was probably brought here by the French in the 1720s.
    If you want to see the photos, answer this email with your email address and I will send them.


  4. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Does this machine roast coffee beans and cocoa?
    Is this the largest capacity ever for home roasting?
    How much electricity charge around per roast?
    How different is it compared with big roasters like Probat, machines from Taiwan, from Turkey… etc. in terms of quality?
    How much can it roast per day?

    Is it possible to buy one in Hong Kong?
    What price?
    With any support and warranty?
    Any service after warranty?

    Thanks and awaiting your advice.

    Mr Chan

  5. Mr Chan, It does roast cocoa and coffee – note the title.
    Yes it is the largest capacity for home roasting.
    It uses 1540 W of power, over 15-20 minutes.
    It is very similar to a Probat roast wise.
    In theory you can roast 2.5 lbs of cocoa every 1/2 hour including cool down. But it should be noted it is not a commercial roaster.
    There are none available in Hong Kong currently but I can ship a 120 V model there. 240 V models will be available later in the year at an unknown price. About $300 I would suspect.
    There is a 1 year warranty and plenty of support.
    There is paid service after warranty, depending on the issue.

  6. Please let me know when you have the behmor 1600 refurbished back in stock. thank you.

  7. Sir, I am from the Philippines and also interested to have one. Please inform me how I can have one. Our power supply is 220volts and 60 hertz

  8. @Ernesto, I expect to be able to offer the EU (European Union) 220/240 V model within the next month.

  9. Hi.

    Contemplating buying one. Has the 220/240V model arrived? How much does it cost? Can you ship to Malaysia?


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