Melangers available – new molds also

We are taking orders for the last 10 melangers that will be available to ship out next week.  After those are gone, the next shipment will not be until the end of January.

I have been picking up a few different molds lately – check them out in the new Chocolate Molds (chocolate frogs you Potter fans) section of the Retail store.  Oh and noting “Retail store”, the Wholesale side is also now open.

That’s all for now – I hope you all have a great holiday season!

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  1. John, I was wondering if you have any melangers with timers that are in stock now. My birthday will be in a few days, and my wife is offering to buy me one.

    Also, can you tell me the size of the particles in microns that come out of the Champion jucier? I have made nut butter in a Cuisinart and the average particle size has been about 50 microns, and as you point out, barely detectable on the tongue.


  2. Dennis,

    New units with timers will not be in until the end of January.

    I don’t know that particle size coming out of the Chamion – sorry. You can still feel and even slightly see the grains.

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