Melangers are in

The newest shipment of Melangers have arrived in port. They are available and we are taking orders but they won’t ship until next week sometime due to back logs. And for those paying attention, Santha has requested that they be referred to as Spectra now. It’s the same item. And look for more information about […]

The tangy and umami laden Mexican Tabasco is back in stock.

Some musings

For some reason, there have been a few spats of difficulties lately with too thick or thin chocolate in the Melangers. One person reported only being able to get 4 lbs of chocolate into the Melanger before it spun itself out. The culprit was 3 times the cocoa butter the recipe called for. I don’t […]

New Items soon

I have been getting this question a lot lately, so I though I would address it.  The new Melangers (Spectra 10 – previously the Santha Wet Grinder) should land by the end of the month and be available shortly after.  I am not taking pre-orders.  There will be plenty.  Also coming in this shipment are […]

Tempering – Deconstruction and Reconstruction & Illustrated Tempering

I have put together an article on tempering. In it you will find one I wrote some time ago about some of the theory behind all those temperatures you have to worry about during tempering. New now is an illustrated explanation to tempering. My hope in both of those is that it will make tempering […]



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