Tempering – Deconstruction and Reconstruction & Illustrated Tempering

I have put together an article on tempering. In it you will find one I wrote some time ago about some of the theory behind all those temperatures you have to worry about during tempering. New now is an illustrated explanation to tempering.

My hope in both of those is that it will make tempering more approachable and less intimidating.

Tempering – Deconstruction and Reconstruction & Illustrated Tempering

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  1. Is it possible to just warm up couverture enough so its soft enough so you can roll it and cut it into pieces,
    without having to temper it?

    Will it go back to its hardness when left to cool?

  2. Yes, in theory you can. The real trick is making theory practice. But then again, for a different reason, I might answer no because I’ve never rolled out chocolate. I’ve just melted it.

    Basically heat it up so it just barely moves and try rolling it.. That is the melted state above right before you put it into the molds.

    But if you go much over that you are going to start melting and/or loosing temper.

    And because you have to heat it so slowly, it’s going to take a while. As an alternative, because it’s much faster, and there is really nothing to fear from tempering, you can take a portion of the couverture as seed, melt the rest, bring it back to 90 F and put that seed back in. You are then ready to pour, mold, etc and is way less fussy.

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