Melangers are in

The newest shipment of Melangers have arrived in port. They are available and we are taking orders but they won’t ship until next week sometime due to back logs. And for those paying attention, Santha has requested that they be referred to as Spectra now. It’s the same item.

And look for more information about the Spectra 20’s and 40’s this weekend.


Both lots (2033 and 2404) of Dominican Republic Conacado are now available also, plus a small special where you can order a 1lb of each at a discount.

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  1. im looking to buy a concher soon please give me details soon….within the next 2 weeks is my purchasing date


  2. Hey John,

    We have spoken a few months ago, I’m the guy from France living in Canada that has a chocolate business. I don’t expect you to remember me, however, I would like to find out, if you have also equipment that would allow me to make larger quantities of chocolate at the time???
    Hope to hear from you soon and maybe, start a new venture making my own chocolate for my creations!

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