There are a couple of refurbished Behmors available for those who have been waiting.

Chocolate Making 101

My dear partner Penelope put this together, noting that so far there is not one single page outlining the entire chocolate making procedure start to finish.  Well, now there is. Chocolate Making at Home 101 It won’t give you everything you need in detail (hence the ‘101’) but gives a great overview.  For all the […]

New Origin and Water FAQ

Every week I field questions about the necessity of the Melanger and whether the sugar can dissolved in “just a little” water to eliminate a step. Basically, you can’t do that. Or more to the point, if you do, what you will end up with is not classic chocolate. This Water and Chocolate FAQ gives […]

Melangers and Shipping

The new Melangers are in and all back orders have been filled. Also, all the larger units (Spectra 20 and 40) have been sold. There will be more in around May. If you would like to reserve a unit (or more), please contact me via email. The Spectra 20 is $1000 and the Spectra 40 […]



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