Chocolate Making 101

My dear partner Penelope put this together, noting that so far there is not one single page outlining the entire chocolate making procedure start to finish.  Well, now there is.

Chocolate Making at Home 101

It won’t give you everything you need in detail (hence the ‘101’) but gives a great overview.  For all the detailed information follow the links under Alchemist’s Notebook to the right.

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  1. my friends and I are doing science fair project. Our topic is making our own chocalate and analyzing the ingredients. This is our last year in middle school and we want to win the science fair. Can you help me know how to make chocolate at home.

  2. Areme, what more do you want to know. The “101” basically says it, and otherwise the links to the right give the information in detail.

  3. i have many diffrent goals in life and one is to start my own chcolate making..privately ..i would like to know how to do this..i have a good idea but information always helps.. i would like to know what degrees of it is obtained if there is a diffrent bean for each darkness ..also some old ingredients.. also how do you go about preparing heating it and setting it up to harden or for a softer type thanks so much for the help and the time to read this ..kandice gyorko

  4. can i temper chocolate made from cocoa powder?

  5. Paola, I assume you can, but I have never tried it. There is no reason I can think of that it would not work.

  6. I have always wanted to make my own chocolate, not sure if I have the patients for it now lol, the aroma of cooking chocolate would drive me insane. I love you website and I have added you to my blog, fantastic resource, thank you.

  7. Hi John,
    I am making some home made cocoa and I am wondering about the flavor I am searching for out of it. I am using raw cocoa and liqour but I am desiring even a more chocolate aftertaste. I don’t want to add too much more sugar but do you have any ideas like add some grated real dark chocolate ( homemade of course:) so I can adjust the sugar. Or use equal porpotons of liquor and powder although I notice this leaves too much buttery taste and a layer of syrup on the bottom. Any recommendations would be stellar!
    Thanks for your time!
    Khristian Page

  8. Khristian, I’m a little confused by your questions or maybe intent but I will try to address them. If you are actually using raw cocoa, then that is the major reason your chocolate lacks a chocolate flavor. Most of the flavors associated with chocolate are formed in the roasting process. I would not tend to suggest using powder – usually it’s just too processed and will just lower the whole quality of your chocolate. My recommendation? Use lightly roasted cocoa to your taste until you get the amount of chocolate flavor you want.

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