Away for the weekend

Hi folks.  I will be away for the weekend, out of town, and Chocolate Alchemy, that really doesn’t have set hours, will be closed.  I will leave email and the shopping cart turned on, but unlike the standard sub 24 hour response you usually get for email, and 2-3 day turnaround for orders, both are on hold until I return on Tuesday.  Then it will be catch up time, so you may see up to a week delay in the next week.  All orders currently in will go out today.  All e-mails currently in have been answered.

And that price increase I mentioned in the previous entry – turns out it will happen, but not so bad.  The company started listing prices per their minimum groupings.  So the $3 mold with a minimum of 5 was listed as $15.

Until next week….

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  1. I need to find a manufacturer with conching and tempering capability that can help me create a low sugar, dark chocolate using agave (fructose). I am located in NJ. Do you know any smaller outfits that can do short runs of product so that I can develop test batches?
    Thank you for any advice that might be offered.

  2. I will contact you via email. I do have a couple contacts and would be more than happy to pass them along. What kind of batch size are you looking at?

  3. I’m Japanease and living in Japan.

    I had saw your HP now.

    Chocolate is similar with us in Japan
    Of course here there’re lots of chocolate shops in Tokyo,
    but not so similar with cacao.
    am I so.

    I’ve learned about chocolate.
    I’m now search about chocolate and
    I’m become very interested about cacao or it’s scents or other things I’ve not known.
    I’ll go to Brazil to find some hints on Octover.

    I want to have shop in near future in Japan.
    Maybe it’s not big and by myself ,it’ll be my lifework.

    I want to make my original chocolate
    so could you tell me what is the enough faculty and costs for counching or finished?
    If possible ,I want to buy cacao beans also and I’m happy want to receive some suggestions.

    Thank you very much for reading messages!

    from Osamu Takikura


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