I beg your patience and understanding

I realize this almost starts to sound like variations of a theme, and I HATE making excuse, but here it is anyway.

Shipping of orders are backlogged about a week, and in all likelihood, turn around time will suffer in the immediate future for an undetermined amount of time. We’ll fit in packing where we can. If you find errors in your order or shipment, please let me know and we’ll fix them as quickly as we can.

Why? No computer problems, too many irons in the fire or anything like that. This time, life/fate/ill luck/whatever through my family a MAJOR curve ball last week.

Without going into huge amounts of history, the situation is this. My partner/wife/lifemate (Penelope) has had a re-occurance of the Melanoma (cancer) that she battled three years ago. It has metastasized to her brain as tumors, is affecting her motor skills, which has stopped her from driving, and we are hip deep in diagnosis, treatment options etc. Doctors have put her “on the fast track” for treatment.

My family is my first priority. We are keeping our routines and daily rhythm as much the same as possible for our seven year old daughter, who knows little about this so far, but is also very worried. I hope you understand, and if you do not, I am sorry. I contemplated simply closing up shop for a few weeks, but she has urged me not to do that. So I am doing this instead. Asking your support, patience and understanding.

Feel free to write, order, ask questions, etc, just like normal. I WILL answer and do my best but it will be slow.

Thank you.


A very stressed, scared, worried husband, papa and alchemist.

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  1. I’m so sorry. God bless your wife and may she have a full healing, in Jesus’s name. God bless your daughter, you and your entire family as well, in Jesus’s name.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and very best wishes are with you and your family!

  3. Aloha John! I want you to know I am keeping you folks in my deepest;heartfelt thoughts. Love Sharkman

  4. Thank you Yuna Solon, Samantha and Tom Sharkey. Every good thought and blessing helps. Knowing that there are folks out there thinking of us helps me. Our daughter will be glad to know people are thinking of her too.

    Many thanks,

  5. Dear Penelope and John – Thank you for reaching out to others; it is not an easy thing to do. Your courage helps the rest of us face what we need to. Peace and love. Susan

  6. Take care of your family, chocolate can wait. All our hope and prayers for you and your family.

  7. Susan and Jenn, thank you for your thoughts. Every good word that comes in adds to my hope. John is packing orders this morning, so a few folks will see their packages soon. The rest of the week will be gone to treatment — Gamma Knife Radiosurgery on Wednesday, and in theory home the same day. This is the fastest roller coaster I’ve ever been on, and I am NOT the roller coaster fan!



  8. Hi Penelope,

    Greetings to you and your dear Alchemist husband.
    Its good to see you posting on this site and, from reading your recent posts, it seems that you share so much of the great positivity and good spirited personality that I’ve found in John through communicating with him in the past. On hearing of the news of your medical condition, I couldn’t help but agree with Susan, Jen and Tom (who posted previously). There’s just one thing I’d add to their regards and prayers.
    I’d hate to inform people against their wishes or try to advertise a product in vain, but I feel I’ve been too silent for too long with regards with spreading this message to relatives in my own family who have been diagnosed with cancer in the past. All I want to tell you is that I’ve always regarded cancer with some degree of contempt and misunderstanding because you hear about people getting it all over the world and in all shades of society. However, I’m also a believer in science and I see every condition originating from a principal cause. Around 3 years ago, I was searching the web for alternative cancer treatments, principally with regards to dietary change (eg some say you should eat more tomatoes because of its inherent anti-cancer properties), and I came across a website dedicated to a treatment called VITAMIN B17 (or laetrlile) treatment. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I feel I’m misusing my space on this post by writing too much but I believe it to be the original and only cure for cancer. The basic logic of this treatment is that the human body is designed to combat all forms of non-infectious conditions (cancer is not infectious, it is caused by a malfunctioning of cells) but it can only do so if it is supplied with the necessary minimum requirement of nutrients. Scientists have found that in the regular american diet, vitamin b17 (found mainly in seeds of fruit) is in very small concentrations. Also, they discovered that in certain rural communities in Asia and the arctic, where their diet is high in vitamin b17, cancer is completely unheard of.
    I know your instincts may tell you that it can’t be a cure because otherwise people would have made millions from developing it in the marketplace. In truth, however, as the website explains, if this cure were to be brought to drug companies, they would not be able to make profit on it, primarily because vitamin b17 is a naturally occurring substance, that people can obtain from the seeds of fruit. This would cause the big chemo/radio therapy drug companies to go bust. Because of this, the FDA (federal drug administration) has rejected the use of vitamin b17 by doctors as a treatment for cancer.

    Again, sorry for going on for so long (i’ve just realised that i’ve wrote much more than i originally intended!), but all I can say is that I felt its my duty to at least tell you about something I think is an undoubtedly worthwhile treatment path for people who are living with cancer.

    As with condition, the earlier you treat the problem the better, and so I want to end with one more thing.

    There is no ‘cure’ for cancer in the sense that scientist wish to think that they are capable of finding, but there are treatments available to slow down growth of cancer(radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery). But the best way to ‘cure’ it is to feed your body with the naturally occurring chemical that was deficient in your body in the first place (vitamin b17).

    Ok, i guess you might be suspicious that this is something i copied and pasted from some other website, but i promise you its all my own words that I’ve learnt from reading websites dedicated to this cause. John is such an incredibly inspirational person to me in that he shared his chocolate making experiences with so many people, and presented it in such a beautiful way. I felt I had to share with you both this story, since he’s given me so much and I was shocked to hear this news. I apologize and totally understand if your not interested in discussing this issue, but i felt i had to give you this testimony of mine (it feels better now that i’ve let it out).
    If your interested, this is the website that inspired me to research all those years ago:

    Regards and best wishes,

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