New beans and Behmor deals

It’s been a bit I know.

New beans should be in within the next month.  Some new Panama, hopefully some Ocumare and Cuyagua, plus two new origins, Nicaragua and Peru.

Also, I am offering what I hope are some very incentive laden deals on the Behmor.  I have currently decided to not restock new Behmor for a few reasons.  Room, sales (lack there of), and better deals elsewhere that I just can’t complete with.  But what I can do is this.  Refurbished are now coming with your choice of 2-4 lbs of cocoa or coffee so you can get a feel for the roasting process a little more stress free.  There is also a new smaller grid drum available that I am offering for free.  And, last but not least, I have dropped the shipping weight so shipping costs will also be less.  Just choose what combination you want and away you go.  Oh, and because I have had the question quite a bit, the small drum cylinder is meant for smaller coffee beans, not cocoa nibs.  The nibs still fall through too much.

Finally, on a first come, first serve basis, I have one Refurbished roaster that has a nasty dent on the front top.  It doesn’t affect roasting at all – it just isn’t pretty.  I don’t feel right selling it for even the $199, so I am offering it up with a discount code.  At checkout, (last page), if you enter the Discount Code: DENT it will take $25 off the total.  Again, first come first serve.  If the code doesn’t work, someone got to it before you.

5 Responses to “New beans and Behmor deals”

  1. do you have any 220 volt Behmor’s?


  2. 220 V models are not yet available. Hopefully sometime this year.

  3. I noticed that you said you have some refubished equipment but I couldnt find the information page. Can you help this lost soul?

  4. Frank,

    I can’t put links here, but go to the Retail store. Then Equipment, and the Behmor. Right this moment (note the time stamp) I am waiting on parts, so none are available.

  5. Thank you so much for your site – with your help I have been making chocolate for over a year now. Just a question on sourcing beans: I live in Nicaragua but all the good beans seem to be for export only. How can I find quality beans? I have been buying from the local markets and the quality is abysmal. Thanks 🙂

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