The Good, the bad and the Ugly

I have another refurbished Behmor in less than pristine condition.

The Good – no roasts on it except the one QC roast and I am offering it at a further discount.
The Bad – UPS returned this on with their own special touch.  They banged the left side and door pretty well.  It is fully functional, but the door isn’t super smooth (they cracked a plastic bit) but should not get worse.

The Ugly – I replaced the left panel, but the frame is still not 100% perfect and there are some scratches.

The last one like this went in about 30 minutes.  First come, first serve.  Enter UPSDENT in the discount code at checkout for a $25 discount making it $174.00 plus shipping.

Also, a new origin will be in this week.  A beautifully prepared Trinatario from Peru.  Reminds me a bit of the Panama (who’s new crop will be in at the end of the month).

And Santha now has stock of Melangers again.  I am still waiting to hear what spare parts are available.

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  1. Hi, couldn’t see a general email…..

    Was wondering in connection with the novice kit whether you could instead retail vacuum packed licquerified chocolate to save a beginner the hassle of purifying to the quality of your machinery when not in possession of a Champion Juicer?

    As I don’t really want to spend on such a juicer, whereas I don’t think my blender will be as good, this would be ideal.

    Basically I only want to make my own chocolate for taste reasons as am diabetic and all the ‘healthy’ products I come across are too dark and bitter, so am hoping to make mine with cream for greater milkiness with a decent natural low gi sweetener like stevia/erythitol/xylitol or agave nectar. Does mixing in cream or milk make the end product too runny?

    To keep things simple, would then only need to heat and mix the ingredients before setting into a mould….(the recipe I’ve seen doesn’t include cocao butter?)

    Thanks for any help, Sam.

  2. Sam, Check out the Contact link at the top of the page for an email address.

    I don’t see much point in offering cocoa liqueur in the Novice Kit. The goal of the kits is to get you actually doing something, learning and getting your hands involved. Pouring melted cocoa and sugar into a Melanger and turning it on isn’t doing much.

    Each kit has you do more.
    Novice: Grinding
    Apprentice: Some Roasting, some winnowing
    Alchemist: Everything, but with roasted beans and nibs included.

    Mixing in agave or ANY water based ingredient in will cause your chocolate to seize, i.e turn into mud. Quite the opposite of too runny.

    As for your ‘simple’ suggestion, and I applaud the desire for simplicity, it isn’t that simple. You still need to refine the sugar down so it is not gritty. It does not dissolve or melt.

    Finally, cocoa butter makes up about half of the mass of cocoa liqueur.

    You can write me direct at Alchemist at Chocolate Alchemy dot com.

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