Family health issues again – date update

If you are not sure what I am referring to, please read this.

The short of it is that my partner has had another reoccurance of cancer, and we are all hip deep in doctors, treatment, etc.

Some of you may have noticed a bit of delay in some of your orders.  I have tried to keep up, and not put this announcement up, but I am simply getting behind.  So, here is what I know so far, in regards to how shipping, orders, etc will be affected.
Surgery is scheduled the week of March 23 30.  There will be NO orders at all shipped that week.  I will leave the store open, you can place orders, etc, but I will be out of town with no ability to ship, and limited ability to respond to e-mails and problems if they occur.  Previously it was the week of the 23rd, but it was pushed back and I will be shipping.
Getting ready for surgery will require me to also not ship new orders next Monday-Wednesday.  You probably WILL see shipping notifications as I process the orders but it is only that.  Getting the order ready.  Nothing will actually ship before then.  All orders  currently in I hope to have out by next Monday on my trip out of town.

I don’t yet know what the week of the 30th will hold.  I am not sure what the following week will hold for us here.
Please be patient. Ask questions if you have them.  I will do my best, but as before, my family comes first.  I hope you understand.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi!

    Sorry to hear about it all.. Just recently found your wonderful chocolate site & have started doing some tiny experiments myself..

    Hope your wife gets better…
    Have you guys tried the vegetable juicing & nutrition changes etc? My Dad knows a man who cured his leukemia with juicing vegetables (he even started his own organic farm to grow the veggies!) – we have a tiny booklet about vegetable juicing etc by Breuss & it’s very interesting (it’s good to read the comments too though!), and there are lots of things about the Gerson method & the Budwig protocol online too – it may not be for everyone, as these things are different and individual.. might be worth to check out though..

    We did a lot of juicing (& cooking broccoli!) for Granny when she had cancer 2 years ago, she was also operated and radiated, she’s now okay.. (we never did the full treatment as advised by the book, it seemed too restricting, just some juicing, and restricted diet a bit: no sugar or cornmeal, no artificial additives, no alcohol etc – I read somewhere these could help tumors grow?) Aunt had cancer too, was operated etc. & has now been okay for more than a decade.. She’s changed nutrition somewhat too.. They had different forms than your wife, so not sure if these things could be helpful, just thought to mention it..

    My Dad cured his rheumatism with nutrition too (even though doctors said they couldn’t help him) so I do believe in the natural powers of the organism to heal, if helped with nutrition etc. It does depend on the stage it’s all caught at, a bit.. wishing you guys luck & keeping fingers crossed all goes well!!

  2. Hope all is going well.

  3. John,

    Best to you & your wife.

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