Poll participants wanted

I have a decision I am trying to make, and would like your input.  Customer and non-customers alike.  Please head over to the Forum and let me know what you think.  I am here for you and don’t want to offer or do something that goes against the grain. Thank you. Refurbished Behmors will be […]

Chocolate Alchemy customer special

I don’t take advertisements, and the following isn’t per se(no money exchanged hands), but  I am tossing in my support for it.  Have a look.  It could be lots of fun. Last Minute Special Offer: Come explore the origins of chocolate in Belize at Cotton Tree Lodge’s Chocolate Week. I live in New York and […]

Back to normal

I am back from my mother’s memorial service, and like is (mostly) back to normal.  All orders that have come in since we were closed should go out Monday.  Thank you again for all your understanding. So far, I like the results of the flat rate pricing for the Peru beans.  With that in mind, […]



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