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I don’t take advertisements, and the following isn’t per se(no money exchanged hands), but  I am tossing in my support for it.  Have a look.  It could be lots of fun.
Last Minute Special Offer: Come explore the origins of chocolate in Belize at Cotton Tree Lodge’s Chocolate Week. I live in New York and am a part owner of Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize and will be leading the May 17-24 Chocolate Week trip. Since we still have some availability, I am offering a severely discounted last minute special rate (40% off) to my fellow Chocolate Alchemy members. There are currently 6 spaces available. Check out for more details. Flights to Belize City are also extremely reasonable right now. I have found fares from $272-452 round trip including taxes from most US cities. Feel free to contact me directly at 212-529-8622 or for more info. Hope to see you in Belize! Jeff

Just to re-iterate, this is from Jeff Pzena, a long time Chocolate Alchemy customer.  Please contact him, not myself – I don’t know any more than the above.

Have fun.

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  1. I have a recipe that calls for 70% chocolate pieces. What does this mean? Where do I find it? Where do I look for it?
    Is this dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate?
    I would like to get an answer ASAP.

    Thank you.

  2. 70% chocolate is any chocolate that contains 70% cocoa products. It can be very nebulous. It can mean 50% cocoa mass, 20% cocoa butter, 30% sugar just as easily as it can mean 70% cocoa mass and 30% sugar. Generally it is ‘semi-sweet’ chocolate.

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